Free Wifi Hotspots in Bangalore

Department of IT in Karnataka announced free wifi hotspots at the iconic MG Road in central Bangalore, allows a person to browse upto three hours a day and download upto 50 MB of data.


Five different locations including MG road in the city now have free wifi and the IT department of Karnataka wants to spread it to 10 more locations by next month.


WhatsApp Growth

WhatsApp, worlds leading social messaging app gained nearly 430 million active users and they process around 18 billion outbound messages. All with just 25 engineers.

India Government’s Open Data Initiative

India Government website launched in 2011 to support open data initiative. It’s an open public site to all the information the government collects.

Here you will find data, tools, and resources to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications, design data visualizations, and more.

Around 5817 data sets are available for public.  Most of the data sets are up-to date.

Also, the government is taking great initiative in creating awareness among the start ups and developer communities in creating useful Apps across platforms and devices using Open Government data.

Great initiative!


Goal Setting and Planning for 2014

I’ve been diving deep into goal setting and planning for 2014. I’ve put together a set of deep dive posts that will give you a very in-depth look at how to set and achieve any goal you want. 

Brian Tracy on 12 Steps to Set and Achieve Any Goal

Goal Setting vs Goal Planning

Zig Ziglar on Setting Goals

Enjoy and best wishes for your greatest year ever and a powerful 2014.

Build your own Business Intelligence using QlikView

For the last 2 months, We were exploring 10 different types of BI tools in the market both Open source and License tools for our client in India. Finally, we found a tool QlikView, which is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform we ever found.It’s pretty simple and 100% free open source for a standalone user.  With less coding, QlikView makes it possible for anybody to create very useful, accurate KPI, measurement reports and performance dashboards and make accurate, strategic decisions.  It’s worth giving a try with QlikView.


This tool comes in two different versions (Free Open Source & Commercial for Enterprise).

The whole tool is a open source, so you can find the directions and software at the link below.

Monitoring Routes with Google Maps

Transportation and logistics is one industry, in particular, that is poised to resolve many pain points and realize numerous benefits from the adoption of geospatial solutions. In an industry where inefficient asset tracking and unexpected traffic issues lead to higher costs and delays, implementing mapping solutions can help reduce these inefficiencies by providing real-time traffic updates and improved route optimization and asset tracking capabilities.

Specifically, introducing mapping solutions like Google Maps for Business can help office users easily track drivers and assets in the field through GPS and location services while also monitoring routes with real-time traffic updates. This information helps users more quickly and easily deploy drivers to new jobs based on their location and current conditions. This allows for more efficient route planning, which can increase productivity and customer satisfaction while decreasing costs.

Furthermore, geo can help transportation companies improve environmental and regulatory compliance and enhance supply chain, facilities and emergency management capabilities.


Interested in learning more about how Google Maps for Business can benefit transportation and logistics companies? Contact

The Joy of Giving


Narayanan – Founder of Softhelp Educational and Charitable Trust

Narayanan looks no different from any other self-absorbed young Indian. But few know that Narayanan is deeply committed to giving. The young engineer from Chennai gives up portion of his monthly salary for philanthropic causes.

Narayanan urged his colleagues and friends to opt for voluntary payroll deduction to fund causes close to their hearts. Narayanan has taken his philanthropic initiative to next big level by starting a non-profit organization “Softhelp” in Chennai. As a team, they started serving the needs of the poor children in contributing to their education and their welfare.

I was really inspired by this young man.