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India’s first Mentoring Platform – Procademia

Chennai,India based software service company Quadruple founded Procademia, India’s first mentoring platform for the students in India.  The project was originally inspired by their experience and hardship from their earlier ventures.  They saw a huge gap of skill shortage with the students in India .

To fill this huge gap, the founders of Quadruple decided to build an eco-system, a mentoring platform, which enables the students to get access to the experts and professionals across the globe in their field of interest.  Also, the platform enables the industry thought leaders to share their knowledge through blog, articles and research journals to the student community as part of mentorship.

Procademia is India’s first mentoring platform.  It was launched in 2013 and has already reached to the thousands of students and professionals.  Around 280 experts and professionals have registered as mentor in the Procademia.

Procademia is open for registration for professionals and students.


Free Wifi Hotspots in Bangalore

Department of IT in Karnataka announced free wifi hotspots at the iconic MG Road in central Bangalore, allows a person to browse upto three hours a day and download upto 50 MB of data.


Five different locations including MG road in the city now have free wifi and the IT department of Karnataka wants to spread it to 10 more locations by next month.